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Why Should I Use
Master Caution®?
The Only One with FDA-Clearance and CE-Approval

The only 12-lead ECG remote monitoring garment with FDA-clearance and CE-approval.
Anytime. Anywhere.

First continuous, near real-time remote monitoring of cardiac ischemia.

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How Will I Benefit from
Using Master Caution®?
Cloud and Server Based

Server / cloud based software and mobile application for patient management and vital signs event detection.
Monitoring Patients without Affecting Lifestyle

Improves patient compliance and quality of life.

An All-Inclusive Platform

Using emerging connectivity technologies, HealthWatch’s Master Caution® seamlessly and transparently secures personal health around the clock, to immediately notify both patients and medical professionals when an emergency is sensed. By utilizing sophisticated signal processing algorithms, it advocates a full management solution for the purpose of transforming healthcare, offering a digital health platform and virtual medical care intertwined with the Medical Internet-of-Things. This non-lifestyle changing disruptive technology, based on wearable textile-electrodes and heart-sensing sensors and technologies, contains a myriad of accurate digital health diagnostic services including mobile cardiac telemetry, patient monitoring tele-health services and other services that allows for in-home medical services.

Simultaneous Remote Monitoring of a Wide Myriad of Patients

The Master Caution’s® continuous monitoring solutions and highly rated immediate and on-line event detection*, assist clinicians in remotely monitoring a wide myriad of patients, including elderly or bedridden, post-cardiac events patients at home, post-stroke, pre-procedure and many others. Being alerted to cardiac events such as ischemia and arrhythmias, respiratory abnormalities, sudden patient falls or lack of motion and other actionable data in near real-time, empowers both patients and caregivers, enabling early identification of severe conditions, before they become life-threatening.

HealthWatch’s solution enables hospital quality care and continuous cardiac monitoring and event detection* across the care continuum. Working closely and in conjunction with cardiologists, electrophysiologists and other caregivers, the Master Caution® can now effectively monitor patients remotely, while reducing hospital readmission rates and cost of care.

*Feature approved by CE only.

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