Fetal Master Caution®

ECG Fetal Monitoring, at Home

With 4 million pregnancies per year,
20% are considered high-risk*

*Demographic data in the US

Saving Lives

  • Reduces the number of premature deliveries
  • Reduces the chances of infant mortality

Our Solution

HealthWatch is proud to present its future product for ECG Fetal Monitoring*:

  • At home
  • Remote monitoring and consultation
  • Comfortable and easy to wear, without the assistance of medical staff
  • Based on proven technology of textile electrodes
  • Innovative algorithms – reliable information & alerts
  • Detects fetal heart rate, movements, position and uterine contraction

*Early stages of development; launch in early 2019.

Disadvantages of Existing Solutions

  • Offered at the hospital only
  • Requires the assistance of medical staff – time consuming
  • Inaccurate
  • Obstructive and unsafe for the fetus.

Saving Money

  • The medical cost of pre-term deliveries in the US is $5-6 billion/year, reflecting 35% of the total health care budget
  • Obstetric monitors save $20-25 thousand per patient due to longer gestation

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