Business Solution

​A Unique Out-of-Hospital System Gateway

The paradigm change that is being experienced today whereby netizens are starting to take responsibility for their own health, and the desire to manage their health data analytics, is also answered by HealthWatch. With a vibrant B2C model based on the knowledge that commercial growth of the ecosystem is growing at a 20% AGR and that this generation wants a hospital proven technology that is readily available, we offer an out of hospital system gateway for those that desire so: from the sports enthusiast, through high-risk patients or post cardiac event patients, to the chronic patients and the single elderly people with no one around to help or to advise.

Master Caution® for Service Providers

While not ignoring the traditional B2B models, HealthWatch will work in tandem with many of the conventional health providers, hospitals, ITDFs, nursing homes and others. With over 25% of the American health system already engaged in telemedicine of various sorts, allowing a telemedicine option will greatly increase the ability of these centers to manage patients more effectively, prevent readmission of patients (to include the prevention of the resulting fines and penalties), and allow the ward staff to react in real time to acute patients. Furthermore, these activities will enhance the financial stream of both the hospital and the company as they will “control” the information and thus the money flow. Within the continuum of hospital care and beyond, the medical service providers together with remote monitoring services will provide the Master Caution® to diagnosed patients, mainly after the first diagnosis or an actual event, being it cardiac or neuro. Besides a peace of mind, it provides enhanced patient safety and ambulatory monitoring beyond the intensive care environment. Moreover, we foresee that in the future medical insurance providers will offer discounts to Master Caution® users.

What the Future Holds

With field testing in the USA and EU already underway with exciting results, the new version containing the full embedded components only dreamed about by physicians will be ready to market in early 2018. Interest in many areas is already gaining traction with the opening of many new niche markets in the USA including DoC (Dept. of Corrections), concierge medicine, transportation management services, health facilities and many others; an exclusive marketing license for the China market; planned clinical trials at leading USA institutions (NYU Langone Medical Center); interest from leading US telecommunications and satellite companies; negotiations with the leading Dutch hospitals and cardiac rehabilitation centers for joint ventures and much more.